Registration Process


1. Registration for 2018 MBA Challenge opens Dec 01, 2017 and closes Jan 28, 2018

      *  Previous participants in MBA Challenge are not eligible to register
      *  Teams must be composed of exactly 4 members

      *  Create a 3-minute video (
Each member must appear on the video at least once) or a PowerPoint presentation (maximum 10 slides)  answering one of the mini cases below;

  • Imagine that you are the senior executive team for a popular soft drink company. You just got a phone call from your CEO saying that reporters are at his house asking about a death at your sponsored event last night where the deceased was photographed holding your drink. The CEO has two hours to make a statement to the press, what do you recommend?
  • Farmers in Africa harvest bananas and bring them to the local markets for sale, however, once harvested, the bananas last only 2-3 days. There are also multiple banana farmers yet very little coordination, and the market demand for bananas is difficult to forecast. How would you help fix this problem so the banana farmers can collectively meet demand more efficiently?
  • A hospital has 6 operating rooms that are used to schedule daily operations. However, emergency operations come up and disrupt the scheduling. Once the schedule is delayed, it affects not only that day's, but also subsequent days' schedule after. How would you improve the efficiency and decrease the wait time and uncertainty in this hospital?

     Upload your video or presentation in an online platform and paste the video link or presentation file in the registration form below
     * 50% Content, 20% Creativity, 20% Effectiveness in Communicating, 10% Overall Quality

2. Interested applicants must submit their team registration by Jan 28, 2018

3. Successful applicants will be notified by Feb 13, 2018


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